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2017 MWR Registration

Important: National Yo-Yo League Membership
Membership in the NYYL is required for all Championship Level divisions. (1A-5A) Which will be receiving a seed to the National Yo-Yo Contest. This once a year dues payment covers you for all NYYL events throughout the year. The money does not come to the Midwest Regional.
* NYYL Membership is NOT required for the Sport Ladder, or Amateur 1A Divisions.

On-Line registration is required for ALL divisions by Thursday, June 15th at midnight. There will be no registration at the event for any division. Once you have filled in the registration form, you will be directed to the payment page to complete the registration process. ($25 is the total cost for all divisions) You will NOT be registered for the contest until you pay. (If you are not directed automatically here is the payment page)

Music Upload:
Music must be in a MUSIC format, and not exceed 8MB. (If you are entering Championship 1A, please upload the 1 minute song in the first field, and the 2 minute song in the second field, remember to list the names of the songs as well.)

Music upload is required at this time of registration, if you do not have your music ready, please DO NOT fill out the form yet. (No music will be accepted in any format on the day of the contest.)
To make sure the music upload process is correct for each division, you will be asked to fill out the form for EACH division in which you wish to compete.

See the Trick List page to learn about what will be expected for each division and what length music needs to be uploaded. (If you do not have your music edited to length, that is OK.....but your song will end abruptly at the 1:00 or 2:00 minute mark. There will be no fade down of the music.)

Sport Ladder & Amateur 1A:
If you are in Sport Ladder, you can also enter the Amateur 1A freestyle division and vice versa. If you are filling out the form below for SPORT LADDER, you will not need to upload music, but the form you are filling out does require a file to be uploaded anyway. You can select anything to upload. (Picture, music, etc to make the form submit)


REGISTERED PLAYERS. Click here to see all the registered players and divisions.

The following players are seeded to the finals, but still need to register and upload music:

MN State:1A - Adrian Velez, 4A - Josh Kanoff
IL State: 1A - Connor Seals
KS State: 1A - Patrick Canny 5A - Patrick Canny
MO State: 1A - Kameron Huff, 5A - Brandon Cole

WI State: (No contest held)
IA State: (No contest held)
ND State: (No contest held)
SD State: (No contest held)
NE State: (No contest held)


















































2017 Midwest Regional Yo-Yo Contest Registration Form