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Pro Tips to help you win!

Whether you are an amateur or a championship level player, here are a few tips to help you get a better placement in the MWR yo-yo contest.

There are many reason a player decides to compete. Perhaps they want to show off the unique and cool tricks they have created, or maybe they want to pull off that incredibly hard banger on the big stage. Maybe you just want to have fun with the coolest toy around, and show it off to everyone. These are all great and fun reasons to compete, but if you are interested in placing high at the contest, the best way to do it, is to know the judging system, and work your routine around it.

You can read the full judging system and break down on the freestyle rules page. Here I am just breaking down a small aspect of that into a series of tips that will have you improve your placement.

1. Don't have Major Deductions. Mistakes have always hurt your final score, but the way that major deductions are figured into the scoring system after the normalization of the scores the past couple of years, they can really change the results. (Biggest mistake is a broken string or yo-yo flying off the stage -5pts, Change out of a yo-yo -3pts, and rewinds -1pt) The cleaner your freestyle is, the higher you will place!

2. Tech Execution is 60% of your score:
Build your routine around your music and a few of your toughest tricks. 90% of your routine should be tricks you can hit virtually EVERY time you try it. And a few of your tricks should be hard, but you can hit it most of the time.

3. Performance 40% of your score: (10 points per category below)
• Variation- There are many types of tricks that can be done in a style of yo-yo play. (example: 1A has multiple types.....tech 1A, slack, grinds, pops, whips, lacerations, etc) If you put all the types into your freestyle, you will get a very high score.
• Space Usage - This is not just moving around on the stage, but how you use the space around you. High tricks, low tricks, performing to all parts of the audience.
• Music Usage - Choreography your tricks to the music. The entire thing does not need to be matched up, but be sure at least 3 or 4 tricks in a 1 minute freestyle are following the music. Think of the pace of the music matching the pace of your play!
• Showmanship - Be sure that you are doing this routine for the audience. This is basically the connection to the audience that you achieve while you are on stage. From the second you step on the stage to your step off the stage, it is for the crowd!

If you have specific questions, send me an email: Dave Schulte